another typo3-blog…

Hi, my name is randomresult and this my typo3-blog. I know, there are a lot of blogs about TYPO3 but as one meaning of a blog is to be part of a network, i think there nearly cant be enough blogs in the community.

As mentioned on my site, i want to create kind of an opensource book about TYPO3 to make it easy to learn TYPO3 and to understand the system better.

I am working with TYPO3 since 2003 now and i realized, that everytime i teach someone in TYPO3, i am too learning a lot about the system. So the more i teach and tell about the system, there more i get into it. Sometimes very easy questions make me think about a problem and then i again and again find a very easy solution and explaination to tell. So i too hope to learn more from teaching.

As this should be an opensource – book or an open-source-Page – means everyone can or should be part of it – feel free to post comments, questions, ideas or what ever. I will be glad about every help i can get!

If you are new to TYPO3 feel free to ask every question. No question can be a stupid one!