Headline als Image darstellen

Mit Hilfe von ein Paar Zeilen Typoskript ist es möglich, die Headlines als Image rendern zu lassen. Diese Images können beliebig mit dem GIFBUILDER gestaltet werden. Man braucht prinzipiell folgenden Code:

So ist es relativ einfach die Standardheadlines zu überschreiben. Diesen Code müsst ihr einfach in das Haupttemplate eurer Seite packen (oder inkludieren) und ab sofort sollten alle Headlines (zumindest die H1) als Schrift gerendert werden.

Own FCE with image and text

My first chapter is done! In this i show how to create an FCE using TemplaVoila which creates a ContentElement. This CE is an image with text on it, linked to a page and is wrapped with an alt-Tag for the image. The editor simply chooses an imaged, choose a link and enter a Text which is used on the image and also is used as an alt-Tag for the image.

See the tutorial here!

Individual Top-Picture for every Page stored in the resources of a Page

This TS i think is very useful if you want to have an individual picture on every page. The page-title is used as a Title or Alttag for the image and is displayed on the picture. This, sure can be changed. This TS loads the picture if it is placed in the resources of the (advanced) page in the page-properties. If no picture is found, the TS looks into the parent-page if it finds a picture there. This is called a slide and it slides as long as it finds a “mother-Page” with image placed in the resources of a page.

In the end, you only have to place a picture in the rootpage of your site and then the image inherits until there is a picture given to a page. Weiterlesen